Tapovan Education Foundation

Tapovan Schools are designed to serve the children belonging to weaker economic sections.

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Enables Underprivileged students to discover their inner talents and their fullest potential.

Our School

Our school develop the growth of a child’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties.

Our Inspiration

The icon of non-violence & universal human values, Sri Sri seeks global peace.

Core Team

A group of local volunteers to look after the school and their students.

Latest Updates & Activities

  • Students Upgrade to Higher School
  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Library Facility at New Premises
  • Dress Distribution to Students
  • Rotary Club Vaishali Contribution

Students Upgrade to Higher School

24 students admitted to Adarsh Public School and Diamond Public School in class VI & VII, We wish them great sucess in future Read More

Independence Day Celebration

Independence day celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm at Tapovan Vidya Mandir

Library Facility at New Premises

A library established in new premises of Sri Sri Tapovan vidya Mandir

Dress Distribution to Students

New uniforms distributed amongs the children, Students are happy and ready to take challenges.

Rotary Club Vaishali Contribution

Rotary Club Vaishali contributed Rs.30,000/- for the day to day functioning of school. Thanks a lot.

Guru ji's Visit At Tapovan

On 15th March 2013, Tapovan School witnessed the physical appearance of Gurudev.


Let's Talk about School

An ART OF LIVING Initiative

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see